Mayor Joe Cox

Mayor Cox believes it is an honor and privilege to serve as Brookhaven’s 30th mayor and is confident that we live in the best city in the state of Mississippi.  

He has a love for his hometown of Brookhaven and is committed to serve. His vision for the future ensures unity with forward progress, as well increased opportunities for our city.  Mayor Cox is dedicated to making a positive difference while keeping with traditional family values of our Homeseeker’s Paradise.

Mayor Cox is thankful for the opportunity to serve as Brookhaven’s Mayor.  He continues to be committed in leading Brookhaven in a clear direction that supports efficiency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, economic development, and job growth. As Brookhaven moves forward, Mayor Cox will be proactive in addressing concerns of all residents and businesses, and bringing viable solutions to the place we call home.

One city, with common goals, sharing a vision for the future.


Cindy Smith

Administrative Assistant