City Court

Brookhaven’s Municipal Court

P.O. Box 560
Brookhaven, MS 39602

PHONE: 601~833-6262 or 601-835-3997

FAX: 601-833-4742

HOURS: 8:00 TO 5:00

Court Meets Every Tuesday

For Questions on:

  • Defensive Driving For Adults And Minors
  • Amount Of Traffic Tickets

Please Contact the City Court At 601-833-6262

Kathy Allen

Kathy Allen

Court Clerk


Jennifer Farmer

Jennifer Farmer

Deputy Court Clerk

JUDGE: Brad Boerner

CITY PROSECUTOR: Cheli Kellems Durr

COURT APPOINTED ATTY: Jason Barrett / 601-833-1177

COURT APPOINTED PROBATION: Rose Wells & Danielle Whittington / 601-684-8180