City May Get Funds for New Fire Station

A bill passed by state lawmakers could help Brookhaven replace an aging fire station on Willard Street.

“Over the weekend and into last night, Sen. Sally Doty and Reps. Becky Currie and Vince Mangold were able to include our request into the bond bill for $625,000, designated for a fire station,” Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox told the Board of Aldermen Tuesday.

Fire Chief Tony Weeks, the mayor and the board have been pitching the city’s need to replace Fire Station 2 on Willard Street to different sources for the last two and a half years, Cox said.

“The big hurdle was passing (the bond bill) through the Legislature, and that has now been done,” Cox said. “It now has to be approved by the bond board, which is made up of the governor, the lieutenant governor, the treasurer and the attorney general, and then signed by the governor, so we don’t have a check yet, but it’s looking real good.”

If the bond bill is approved, the state will administer the funds for the new fire station in July when the new fiscal year begins.

“We just give our thanks again to Sen. Doty and Reps. Becky Currie and Vince Mangold,” Cox said. “This is just great.”

More at Daily Leader 4/21/2016