Shelter-In-Place Order Extended and Modified Measures


First, thank you for your patience, cooperation, and diligence over the last weeks as we have worked together to help slow the spread of COVID-19. While keeping the health of our citizens priority, Governor Tate Reeves has begun taking slow and measured steps to reopen Mississippi for business. It is not a complete return to normal, but it does allow a pathway for most businesses, as well as our medical and dental care providers, to once again help meet the needs of our community and bring us closer to a sense of normalcy.

Today, Governor Reeves issued statewide Executive Order No. 1477. This Safer-At-Home Order amends the statewide shelter-in-place and allows many, but not all, businesses to reopen. The orders and restrictions mandated by Governor Reeves will be enforced by the City of Brookhaven. Businesses will be required to follow all guidelines and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of their customers.

Executive Order No. 1477 is effective ‪at 8:00 a.m. Monday, April 27, 2020 through 8:00 a.m. Monday, May 11, 2020‬, unless Governor Reeves rescinds, modifies or extends the Order. The City of Brookhaven will make copies of the Orders available in the City Clerk’s office to anyone who requests a copy for their own review.

The following is an outline of several measures in Executive Order No. 1477. You may view the Order and details at the link below.

1. The shelter-in-place mandated order for all residents has been lifted; however, you are urged to stay home when possible, except for necessary travel.

2. A shelter-in-place option for our most vulnerable residents is strongly encouraged to help ensure their health and safety.

3. All public and private social and other non-essential gatherings in groups of more than ten is still prohibited.

4. Most businesses may reopen ‪at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 27, 2020‬. It is necessary that each business ensures its full capacity is at 50% or less, follows CDC and MSDH recommendations, promotes social distancing of six feet, and takes precautionary health and safety measures.

5. At this time, businesses such as movie theaters, bars, casinos, museums, clubs, gyms, spas, salons, barber shops, etc. are still not allowed to sell/provide services to customers; however, they may safely sell their excess supplies. Call ahead or order online, then safely pick up items.

6. Restaurants may continue with drive-thru, carry-out, curb-side and delivery services only. Dine-in services are not yet permissible.

7. Even though the wearing of masks in public is not mandated, we urge you to do so to protect yourself and to protect others.

8. As you are aware, physical school buildings remain closed.

9. Pastors are asked to voluntarily forego in-house church services to help prevent spreading COVID-19, and instead choose to present their church services through various online and social media sites.

The walking trail and tennis courts at City Park and the City Pond will open ‪at 8:00 a.m. Monday, April 27th‬; however, all playground equipment, restrooms, spray parks, basketball courts, the walking trail at Bi-Centennial Park and the Jimmy Furlow Senior Center will remain closed until further notice. Please ensure you use social distancing while walking, playing tennis, and fishing.

To help prevent placing others at risk and to combat COVID-19, the Board of Aldermen and I ask that you please remain diligent with social distancing, the use of hand sanitizer, and daily hygiene. Stay home, stay safe, and stay smart.

Thank you,

Joe C. Cox,

Mayor, City of Brookhaven